Spearheading Online Safety and Wellbeing for Children
Empowering over 1 million young minds through secure, safe, educational social interaction
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Spearheading Online Safety and Wellbeing for Children
Empowering over 1 million young minds through secure, safe, educational social interaction
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Welcome to CyberSmarties

Did You Know?

1 in 5 Children Online Faces Cyberbullying. It’s an alarming statistic that can lead to devastating effects on a child’s physical health, mental wellbeing, and overall quality of life.

At CyberSmarties, we’ve committed ourselves to changing these odds.

Experience a World Without Ads: CyberSmarties offers a pure, uninterrupted environment, where your child can learn and grow without the distraction of ads.

Uncompromised Privacy: We hold the line on privacy. Your child’s data is never for sale—because their safety is our top priority. CyberSmarties ensures that personal information remains personal.
Anonymous & Safe Interaction: Children interact under completely anonymous profiles, making CyberSmarties a secure digital playground.

Strictly for Kids: Our platform is a fortress. No adults allowed, just a safe community where kids can connect, share, and learn.

Tailored for Schools: CyberSmarties isn’t just another social network. It’s a closed-loop, educational ecosystem designed to integrate seamlessly with school curriculums, enhancing both learning and social skills.

Real-Time Monitoring: Our dedicated live monitoring team keeps an ever-watchful eye on interactions, ensuring that safety is non-negotiable.
Building Positive Futures: With a core focus on promoting positive behaviour and fostering emotional and social wellbeing, CyberSmarties is the breeding ground for the next generation of empathetic and resilient individuals.
Zero Tolerance for Cyberbullying: Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, CyberSmarties proactively combats bullying, setting a benchmark for a bully-free zone.
CyberSmarties isn’t just a platform; it’s a movement towards a brighter, safer digital future for children. Join us today and play a part in this positive change. Your child deserves a safe space to thrive, and with CyberSmarties, you’re providing just that.


Cybersmarties is ONLY FOR KIDS. Would you like to chat to friends, make new friends, play games and lots more? Come join us.


CyberSmarties is designed to help teachers, not add extra work. When you sign up your school to CyberSmarties, kids are safe, protected and monitored but also you access daily wellness data, communicate with your class safely, hold online classes, set homework and so much more.


As a parent, we all know that the internet can be a wonderful place to access information but the internet is a big place and with it comes dangers. We didn’t grow up with the internet at our fingertips, but your kids have.

It is important that there is an organization whose sole job is to protect them, educate them in positive communication and cyber risks and teach life coping skills so that they navigate this rapidly changing environment with confidence.

Welcome to CyberSmarties, the only platform that seamlessly combines social media, real-time wellbeing data, and AI-driven learning tools with an unwavering commitment to child safety. We’re proud to have over a million school children aged between 6 – 12, schools in Ireland, United Kingdom, United States of America, India, Turkey, New Zealand and Australia who trust us to provide a safe, social learning educational environment for their children. Our partnerships with several National police forces, UNICEF – Global Partnership To End Violence Against Children and others underscore our dedication to Online Child Protection and Wellbeing in a rapidly changing digital world.


We believe in empowering children through knowledge.

Behavior Changes

Our platform is designed to instil positive online behaviour.


Your child’s safety is our top priority.


We are dedicated to promoting emotional wellbeing and community connectivity.

At CyberSmarties, we offer:

Social Media Platform: A secure space for VERIFIED Children ONLY  to connect, share, and learn.

Wellbeing Data: We prioritise mental health by providing student real-time wellbeing reports designed to empower teachers/parents and schools with real-time insights into the emotional levels of their students.

Claire Bot: Our advanced AI system, designed to enhance learning and foster positive online behaviour.

School Part: An integrated online classroom and homework section, led by verified teachers.

And all of this with:

No Ads:

We’re here for education, not commercialisation.

Each Child Verified:

Every user is authenticated to ensure safety.

Teacher Led:

All learning modules are handled by verified educators.

No External Adults:

Only verified teachers and students are allowed.

Fully Monitored:

24/7 monitoring ensures the app remains a safe space for children.


We believe in empowering the next generation through accessible knowledge.

Behavior Changes

Our platform is designed to instil positive online behaviour and creates good habits.


Our platform has been recognized with an award and has received a “100% safe for Kids” stamp of approval from the National Police Force in Ireland and we are a UNICEF Global Partner.


We are dedicated to providing children with a safe space promoting wellbeing and safe connectivity.
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An Garda Síochána Endorsement

CyberSmarties is working in conjunction with The Garda National Protective Services Bureau to help combat the dangers of cyberbullying and promote positive mental health among Irish primary school children on a practical level.

We work with the Garda National Protective Services Bureau and we are incredibly grateful to have the support of such a dedicated and forward thinking group of professionals. The An Garda Siochána Patent for Safety is a testament to the safety features we have implemented to ensure children are kept safe online.

UNICEF/Global Partnership To End Violence Against Children

We are proud to announce we are officially a member of the UNICEF/ Global Partnership to End Violence against Children! Every year, 1+ billion children suffer violence in diverse forms: physical, psychological, sexual, and cyber-bullying.

Children have hopes, dreams and the potential to change the world. CyberSmarties are committed to contributing to the partnership in our capacity to protect children online and provide a safe haven for children to communicate together, learn and most importantly just be children.

Are you ready to transform your school’s approach to social media safety and student wellbeing? Join the numerous educational institutions prioritising their students’ online experiences without compromising on educational value.

Visit our website to learn more about how our platform can be integrated into your school’s digital ecosystem. Let’s work together to create a safer, more positive future for all students.

For School Administrators and Teachers: Take the lead in fostering a secure digital culture in your school.
For Educational Psychologists: Partner with us to ensure the optimal developmental health of every student.
Don’t wait for tomorrow to protect your students’ digital footprint and mental wellbeing. Contact us today to schedule a demo and see firsthand the benefits our Wellbeing Platform can bring to your school community.