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Last Update Date: January 2023

This Privacy Policy covers the Social Network known as Cybersmarties (The “Network”), as well as the activities on the Cybersmarties Website.
Cybersmarties provide a personalised social network experience for the Teachers and Students of a school community. Unlike other social networks, we authenticate the users via schools and create profiles for them. For creating student profiles, we need only school details, class details, and the number of students of the class. Once the profiles are created, the credentials are distributed by the school authorities. So, we don’t know who you are and all we know is the activity of the username we provided. We do not gather personal information such as names, date of births, email addresses or Parent/Guardian contact details. We only collect contact details of school, and for emergency purposes the contact details of the teachers.
What is unique about Cybersmarties Privacy Policy?

The Network Privacy Policy

The Cybersmarties social network was designed and built for the specific requirements of primary school-aged children in promoting safe social netiquette by providing a locked-down, child authenticated social network for kids. Our network does not collect any personal information from children, nor hold any data on children.

What Information Is Being Collected On The Site?

We do not use any Student’s data for any purpose other than to improve our behavioural technology to reduce cyber-bullying and encourage wellbeing. Any data collected is for the protection and safety of the child.
What Personal Data We Hold



Schools – Parental Consent/Guardian

Cybersmarties relationship is directly with schools only as a means of verifying children as real children and as such the school is representative of the users within that school. Each school is requested to gain parental/guardian consent on behalf of each and all of its students to become members of Cybersmarties. All data processed by Cybersmarties is for the safety, protection and wellbeing of the child. If this data is requested by a government body, such data will be given in accordance and compliance with data protection legislation. In the vent that such reports are conducted, a parent/guardian may request their child to be removed from such a report by contacting us directly.
For Teacher’s application, we collect information from the school about the number of teachers who are allocated to use the product. The collected information might include contact number and email address of the teachers which is done with proper consent from the school. We don’t use this for any purposes other than making emergency contact. The Teacher profiles are created and distributed to schools. The Teachers of the same school will be able to communicate within the platform. As of now, Teachers can communicate directly only with other teachers. Teachers are assigned to their respective class page where they can post details to the whole class, create and receive homework from the students and receive reports if a user is flagged by another user. The associated class teacher can take action on those reports accordingly.
If any suspicious activities are identified within the platform by the Cybersmarties Monitoring Team, they will report the issue. This will be alerted to the respective teacher of that class where the student user is a part of and the teacher can take appropriate actions.

Children’s Privacy Policy

We do not use any Student’s data for any purpose other than to improve our behavioural technology to reduce cyber-bullying and encourage wellbeing. Any data collected is for the protection and safety of the child. Only children can communicate one on one with another child.
What Personal Data We Hold

We do not:

You can:


Non-Personal Information

We may collect non-personal information about Users whenever they interact with our Site. Non-personal information may include the browser name, the type of computer and technical information about Users’ means of connection to our network, such as the operating system, the Internet service providers utilized, user agent and other similar information. We also collect wellbeing data. We may issue reports to schools and government departments on the wellbeing and digital interaction of children as a whole on the platform.

On our platform, you can send messages, post comments, upload/type in homework, watch videos, play games, all within a safe bubble. We call all of the things you can do on our Products “activity.” We collect your activity across the platform such as: Textual content you create, like posts, comments or Content you access within the platform. We don’t access your camera or microphone. The users can access the contents and creatives within the platform. The only place where they can upload content is in the homework module that is submitted to the respective class teacher. This data will be cleared off from our database after the expiry of the homework. Messages you send and receive, including their content. The activities of the platform will be monitored for safety and security of children and also used for reports and issue resolutions. about content and messages, subject to applicable law Types of content you view or interact with, and how you interact with Apps and features you use, and what actions you take in them. Hashtags you use, the time, frequency and duration of your activities on our platform may be tracked for product development. Interactions with a particular school or class page and its content, to provide the page admin with aggregated information about how people use their Page and its content. In all the above cases, we won’t identify any child with their personal information as we don’t collect them. We identify each user with their Cybersmarties Username.

Your Acceptance of these Terms

By using this Site, you accept this Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please do not use our Site. Your continued use of the Site following changes to this Privacy Policy will be considered you accepting them.


Privacy Impact Assessment Policy


Policy summary

The overall aim of the privacy impact assessment policy is concerned with child welfare and protection for children online and in other social environments. The policy is achieved through user interaction with the company online platform, which establishes a safe and protected online environment in which children can learn appropriate digital behaviours and how to interact with their peers in a friendly and safe manner. The policy will bring about appropriate learned behaviours in children which in turn will reduce cyberbullying and other online crimes against children such as sexual exploitation.
Cybersmarties Limited believes that it is our responsibility to ensure proper and healthy communication into the future by firstly protecting the child and secondly educating them when they are young in how to behave online and how to treat each other with respect and dignity.
We will achieve this by providing child protected, fully monitored social media and academic platforms to primary/junior school children so that they are educated when they are young in the key skills of protecting themselves and their data online and how to behave in a positive manner online. We focus on the twin pillars of online protection and mental health of children in order to make the Digital World a safe and happy space for children who also grow up to be responsible adults. Cybersmarties is a locked-down social network meaning only children have access to use it. Each child is verified as a real child through their school, and the platform is fully monitored by real people. Cybersmarties staff cannot communicate with a child or know their identity.
The PIA is an integral part of our Company’s mission, ensuring that personal information is secure and compliant with the Regulations. The design of the project is centred around ensuring that information is secure with privacy intact. The project in every country will ensure that any personal information collected or gathered is treated in line with the country laws.
Only a very minimal footprint in terms of the collection of personal information occurs and in such cases the information is collected directly from the person affected and with full knowledge of the purposes for which the information is required. No personal information relating to a child is known, held or accessed by the Company.

Full Terms and Conditions

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Contacting Us

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Changes To This Privacy Policy

Cybersmarties has the discretion to update this privacy policy at any time. When we do, we will revise the effective date at the top of this page. If the change is material, we will email you at the email address provided to let you know and provide you a choice.