CyberSmarties - Safe Educational Social Network for Kids

Ireland's Only Safe Social Network for Kids

Our Mission

CyberSmarties - Our Mission

CyberSmarties - Safe Educational Network for Kids

Collaboration, Excellence and Creativity

We are committed to developing technology which educates positive behaviour on a practical, safe platform for Primary School children and young adults with Special Needs, to ensure that all can learn safe, fun and positive social networking skills which promote self-confidence, self-esteem and eliminate cyber-bullying. The Core Values that guide us are collaboration, excellence and creativity.


Mutual support for the development and well-being of each child

We will collaborate with teachers, child welfare agencies, educational bodies and children to ensure that CyberSmarties are:

  • Open to their ideas and suggestions while sharing our own knowledge and skills
  • Maintain open relationships to ensure child cyber safety is central to what we do
  • Maintain a good communication system so that advances in educational technology which will aid teachers in implementing school bullying policies are communicated to schools


Developing and maintaining the highest standards in our products

We will continuously monitor and review our products and services to ensure we reach the highest standards at CyberSmarties by:

  • Continuously testing and troubleshooting our products at every stage of development
  • Maintaining a clear and comprehensive communication system with all stakeholders
  • Managing an internal audit and measurement system while engaging with external third-level education research departments to analyse the outcomes of our programmes


Being innovative, imaginative and resourceful

CyberSmarties will be innovative by:

  • Being open to change and to learning from children while challenging others to think, act and participate in new ways to make the world safer for kids
  • Putting forward new ideas, developing new technologies and continuously updating and innovating our products
  • Adopting new ways of doing things and challenging the status quo in particular with regards to cyber-bullying and promoting self-esteem in children