Cybersmarties serves as a digital fortress, employing a combination of advanced technology, verification processes, and educational initiatives to ensure the well-being of children in the online realm. With an unwavering commitment to online safety, the platform employs cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to protect children from potential threats and harmful content. There are no fake profiles on Cybersmarties as each child is verified as a real child thus eliminating the risk of online predators. It is a locked down, fully monitored child ONLY platform. Cybersmarties is the only social network in the world to have been awarded a Patent of Safety from a National Police force (Ireland) as 100% safe for kids.

Cybersmarties is also a UNICEF Global Partner  and is committed to contributing to the partnership in our capacity to protect children online and provide a safe haven for children to communicate together, learn and most importantly just be children.

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