CyberSmarties is designed to help teachers, not add extra work. When you sign up your school to CyberSmarties, kids are safe, protected and monitored but also you access daily wellness data, communicate with your class safely, hold online classes, set homework and so much more.

Also There Are Lots Of Features To Help You As A Teacher Such As:



We all know how long it takes at the end of each class for kids to take down homework. Just enter your homework, along with any notes for parents and the kids can look it up at home. Perfect also for kids who may be ill.


Very useful button. Contains blogs written by teachers for teachers, educational publications, list of speakers under different categories, ongoing advice re bullying and useful links.



We prioritise mental health by providing student real-time wellbeing reports designed to empower teachers/parents and schools with real-time insights into the emotional levels of their students. We are constantly keeping aware of practices which are proven to work in schools. We have meditation video classes, nutrition videos, physical education videos which we are always updating.



CyberSmarties is the only platform that seamlessly combines social media, real-time wellbeing data, and AI-driven learning tools with an unwavering commitment to child safety.

We’re proud to have over a million school children aged between 6 – 12, schools in Ireland, United Kingdom, United States of America, India, Turkey, New Zealand and Australia who trust us to provide a safe, social learning educational environment for their children.

Our partnerships with several National police forces, UNICEF – Global Partnership To End Violence Against Children and others underscore our dedication to Online Child Protection and Wellbeing in a rapidly changing digital world.

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