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Cybersmarties is designed to help teachers, not add extra work to an already busy schedule. You can use Cybersmarties as much or as little as you wish.

When you sign up your school to Cybersmarties, you are ensuring that your students are now in a locked down, fully monitored, child only social network whose sole aim is to stop cyberbullying, educate positive online behaviour and keep children happy. When kids are on Cybersmarties, they are safe, protected and monitored. Help us ensure every child is safe online

Also there are lots of features to help you as a teacher such as:

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Using the power of story to build self-esteem in children

Alan White is a Secondary School Teacher at Bishopstown Community School and is well known for his inspiring work in introducing mental health initiatives into the Irish school system. His secondary school resource “Choices” is published by Creagh Castle Publishing. Alan’s new resource “Oscar & Jack” written specifically for Primary Schools will be published by Creagh Castle Publishing in March and is a series of stories and accompanying workbook for children to help them to manage their emotions and maintain mental well-being.

I believe that to facilitate well-being in children it is vital that well-being education begins at an early age. As a Secondary school teacher, I have always admired Primary school teachers. They have the ability to develop positive relationships with their students that is often more difficult to do at second level. At primary school, teachers have the same group for the full school year and they become so much more than just a teacher. They become role-models, counsellors, nurses, referees and much more to their students. That is why Primary level is an important time to introduce the concept of well-being education.

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