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Testimonials from Teachers

Cybersmarties is a really innovative exciting product for use in primary school. By initially using the lesson plans provided to introduce this class based social network, you can teach some facts to the children about social media and build up a positive attitude towards it. The children in my class loved the whole experience. They really enjoyed making friends and sending messages to each other. The children also messaged me which created a nice communication between us that we would not have had previously. Overall it was a new exciting positive experience for both children and the teacher!

Miss O'Shea, St Patricks Girls School, Limerick

When I first heard about Cybersmarties I thought "Why didn't I think of this first? It's a brilliant idea." Children don’t automatically know how to behave on social networking sites they need to learn first. The best way to do that is to actually use a restricted site in a controlled and safe environment. This is where Cybersmarties has come in. If I were a school principal I would most certainly want it in my school and I would encourage parents to embrace it. If I were the Minister for Education I would subsidise it for disadvantaged schools and Special Schools.

Yvonne Curran, (ICT Teacher) Scoil Chiaráin Special School

Testimonials from Experts is a progressive, up to date social media site developed for children, with childrens internet safety and education in mind. At they have a keen understanding of what makes for safe and responsible use of social media as well as how to tackle the negative behaviours which can result in cyberbullying and other misuse. They do this through a clever form of positive reinforcement using video clips and daily messages which promote responsible use by children at an early age. I would highly recommend the use of to Parents and Teachers

John Wills (School Cyber Safety Consultant, Psychologist) (BA Psych;MA; Dip CBT)

What children need is a basic building block; a skill set that will serve them in good stead for lifelong engagement with the internet, and will ensure that they can cope on the occasions when the cyber-wolf comes to the door. The skill set needs to include: discernment; critical thinking; empathy; and the ability to cope when presented with uncomfortable behaviour. is about developing these relevant and age appropriate attitudes and strategies in a supervised and controlled cyber environment.’s values relate comfortably to personal safety aspects of the SPHE Curriculum, and relate to strands such as ‘Myself and the wider world – media education’, and ‘Myself and others’ will help:
  • Develop netiquette and good habits
  • Enjoyment of and confidence in communicating on social media
  • Perspective taking
  • Consideration and support for others
Pat Courtney (B.A,M.Ed,Director of Anti Bullying Services, former National Anti-Bullying Co-ordinator SPHE, Dept of Education)