banner-kids-07v1 is not a digital playground but a sanctuary that actively promotes the emotional and mental well-being of children, nurturing a generation of resilient, confident, and socially responsible individuals in the ever-evolving landscape of the internet. Imagine if you could always know how a child is feeling, what is worrying them, what difficulties they are encountering that they don’t know how to cope with, what things really make them happy. Wouldn’t you as a parent or a teacher like to know this information so that we as their carers and protectors can intervene if need be, guide and encourage when we need to and most importantly teach the coping mechanisms and positive behaviors when children are young so that they themselves learn how to deal with life’s challenges. CyberSmarties has been specializing in child behavior and wellbeing since 2015. Endorsed by UNICEF and National Police Forces to safeguard children, we have developed data driven technology to identify the well-being of every child in school and provide practical coping skills and habits on a daily basis to each child to build resilience, awareness and self-care. 

Providing real time actionable data to schools with insights and well-being support services to teachers, parents and schools have the ability to proactively enable well-being development and positive behavioral change based on data driven analytics.

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